Here at dunkoftheday I try to bring you the best “thing” of the day as I see it. I try to make at least one post a day and make sure it’s something worth while. The reason why I started this was to compile a bunch of my favorite things (women, movies, sports, and music) in a simple easy to read and search document (or website). I also wanted to start writing more, not really sure the reason, probably to get better at writing, or maybe I was hoping it would make me a better speaker because it would make me a quicker thinker (or something… I’m so articulate!).

If you want to start doing something, like anyone’s new years resolution to workout or whatever, the key fact is that you just have to start doing it. So, I started doing it. And I’ve gotten positive feedback, as well as advice (which I’m 100% open to! please let me know if you think I can make something better) so, I’m going to keep posting if people keep reading (or don’t). If you like this, awesome, if you don’t get it, sweet… It’s just random ass shit I think is cool or worth seeing (unless it’s a shitty movie, then I’ll tell you)

BTW, I will NEVER spoil a movie. It’s my pet peeve and I fucking hate when people do it.



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