Graham Hancock on The War On Drugs – The Joe Rogan Experience


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4 Responses to Graham Hancock on The War On Drugs – The Joe Rogan Experience

  1. Kingsbridger says:

    “mind programming exercises”? The state taking sovereign claim over our robbing us of our consciousness? That’s what he’s complaining about? I thought that was one of the objectives of taking drugs – getting wasted. The state legislates penalties for illegal drug use to help dissuade who they are really after – drug cartels that don’t pay taxes on their profits and create a violent armed militia that tend to impinge on the rights of others. Yes in a perfect crime free world it would be nice to do whatever one wants to screw oneself up mentally or physically in the name of freedom. Problem is that it promotes bad behavior contrary to the good of the many.

    To summarize, this guy is full of crapola.

    • dunkoftheday says:

      i think you’re missing the point… some people take drugs to “get wasted”, others take them to think introspectively and try to figure out what life is about and come up with ideas never thought before. and if they’re after the drug cartels for taxes, why not go after them instead of locking otherwise innocent people in a privatized prison system to make more money. making money off putting people behind bars should be a crime.

  2. Kingsbridger says:

    Most people take drugs and alcohol to get wasted. After all that’s the main effect.
    If you have to get wasted to come up with new ideas I would figure these ideas are “wasted” too. And if one comes up with a warped sense of reality to guide one’s life it’s the “crooked man walking a crooked mile. Experienced this up close. “Oh, wow man that’s heavy!” was an expression used to describe one’s reality “enhanced” perception of insignificant events that seem world changing at the time. I’m thinking of the Spicolli character in “good times at ridgemont high”.

    I would much more prefer that law enforcement concentrate on the cartels than less than innocent users. But the users do give support to the cartel by purchases each step of the way. No taxes collected at each turn. As far as making money by putting people in jail – that’s not the government. We lose mucho tax dollars to the penal system. If it made money this way the feds could pay for a lot of stuff with that cash. Privatized prison? Where? Heck you know this.


  3. dunkoftheday says:

    I would argue the main point of drugs and alcohol is an escape from your normal self. Perhaps we have different views of what wasted means. For me it carries a negative connotation. Coming up with interesting thoughts isn’t about if they are good or bad, it’s just about thinking. The majority of people rarely think anymore. Too busy watching reality TV and advertisements that tell them how they should dress and what to buy. Intelligent people on drugs create intelligent thoughts. Lazy people on drugs… Guess what? They are still lazy, nothing changes. When i say “drugs” I mean the harmless ones. Not cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. It’s a shame marijuana got lumped with those on the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. You know what else got lumped in there? HEMP. hemp is one of the most diverse plants in the world yet no one in America is allowed to grow it.

    Who’s funding the police officers and gov’t? I think the prison-industrial complex is an interesting idea. We have the highest rate of incarceration per capita. Is that b/c we have the most ruthless people? I doubt it. It’s most likely due to politicians creating laws so police officers follow through and arrest people who then go to jail which later gives the politician money.

    If you really think the gov’t is all about taxes (especially from corporations and the highest tax bracketers, right!?!?!?!) then legalize marijuana! Tax it! Put a high tax on it just like cigarettes! Fund all the projects you want! Send soldiers across seas to wars that have no grounds after you said you’d pull them out. Oh, wait, i’m starting to rant “It’s okay Kevin, they passed don’t ask don’t tell!” Yippee! Do people really care about that???? WHY DO PEOPLE CARE IF SOMEONE IS GAY??? It’s like being worried if a female has a vagina. Yep, they do! Oh well… It’s 2011!! the age of the internet! Information is vast and ideas spread like wildfire, whether that be for good or bad, at least it starts the thinking process!

    Side note: Has there ever been one case of cancer related to marijuana? How many people per year die from cigarettes? Alcohol poisoning? Cocaine overdose? Heroin overdose? We certainly get a lot of money from all of those sick people! That’s great, right? I think a health society would change the world ten-fold. What’s the worst that happens when you get high? You might get paranoid, get your heart rate up, a dry mouth and blood shot eyes. In some forms of it there is a symptom of short term memory loss, it’s the exact same thing alcohol does to the brain.

    Are these ideas really all that crazy?

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