Super (2011)

Brutally good. Super is the tale of a simple man who wants to fight crime with honor and heart. Frank (Rainn Wilson) has always been the reject. Never amounting to anything and consistently being looked over. After his wife Sarah (Liv Tyler) goes back to her old ways as a drug addict, Frank finds himself in a familiar situation, being forgotten. Sarah leaves Frank and joins Jacques (Kevin Bacon) the local drug dealer. Frank has to decide to fight for Sarah or be the loser he always has been. Frank chooses to become the Crimson Bolt and fight crime, whether he’s right or wrong.

I love how real the story feels. In past superhero films, I’ve never understood why the hero is ridiculed and cast aside as a vigilante. Spiderman is fighting real crime and actual bad guys, not just rapists, he’s fighting enemies with powers. In Super, the Crimson Bolt isn’t fighting real super enemies. He’s fighting what he deems as bad people for things they shouldn’t do. In this light it’s easy to see why he is considered a vigilante because if someone was fighting crime in such a way where I lived, I’d probably be a little pissed. Anyway, the film portrays a civilian like you or me trying to become a superhero extremely well and what I deem as accurate. He waits around for crime to happen, he drives around in his shitty car, and has a wrench as his weapon. He doesn’t get bitten by a spider or have tons of money, he creates a costume and just looks around! What would you do when becoming a superhero? My first guess is that you’d get a costume and then hideout around criminals waiting for them to do the wrong thing because that’s exactly what he does. Last thing, this movie is BRUTAL. I watched this alone in my room and screamed out loud “hhooooly shit!” when I saw how realistic and gory a few of the “fight” sequences were. Oh, and Ellen Page is AWESOME. She’s sexy in an off-beat way, funny when she needs to be, and as crazy as a A.D.D. kid without their meds. Btw, this is not a comedic movie. It has it’s laughs, but what movie doesn’t? I’m also a big fan of inventive title screen openings and this film has a great one!

There’s not much wrong with the film… It’s maybe a little slow at times and for the first half hour I could only see Rainn as Dwight (his character from The Office). I would recommend this film to many peers, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

dunk-o-meter: 8.5/10

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