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The Chillers – Violins (Decepticons Remix)

Ellie Goulding – Lights (Video by FREERUNNING Academy)

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Coolest Cake

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Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011)

Bad ass!¬†Alzheimer’s is a disease no one wants for themselves or their loved ones. Pharmaceutical companies create and distribute drugs so they can make money. Will Rodman (James Franco) is looking to formulate the next big drug, which not only cures Alzheimer’s, but increases overall brain power. He begins testing on apes and they seem to take quite well to the new drug. Their overall brain functioning and cognitive problem solving is off the charts and Rodman sees potential for huge market gains. After an “accident” in the lab, all of the apes must be killed, but one of them was pregnant and had a baby. This baby is Caesar. Caesar is special because the drug that had been tested on his mother has somehow past through the DNA to him leaving Caesar with the brain power comparable to a human. Caesar is taken in by Rodman and the viewer follows Caesars’ journey through the world.

The direction of this type of story is extraordinarily well done. The film has three great acts. The first act is the creation of the drug and Caesar growing up full of intrigue and discovering the world around him. This act has an extremely rewarding scene where Caesar is brought to his homeland (the trees) and gets to run wild. There’s something about the scene that reminds me when I felt that same wonder and awe. I don’t consider telling you the premise of the next two acts a spoiler because if you don’t know what happens in this movie you’re either under the age of 10 or extremely ignorant. SO, the second act is Caesar as a young male ape. He comes to the conclusion that he more or less is a pet and does not like the idea. He wants to become an ape and hang with the rest of his kind. There is a scene that encompasses how he feels when he runs into a dog and notices that like the dog, he has a leash as well. Caesar ends up rejecting Rodman and joins his “friends” in an ape Zoo. The third and final act is of the apes breaking out and rebelling. All of the money shots you see in the previews are taken from the third act. I wish this film was rated R though. We all know that apes are waaaay stronger than us flabby humans and I wanted to see them use their strength to break a few arms… Maybe a bit too brutally than anyone would like to see too. I got the chills every time Caesar stared down someone in defiance. His eyes are frightening and incredibly human. Since he cannot speak he communicates with every look and turn of the head. The CGI at times is odd looking but for the most part, all of the apes that are seen close up look flawless.

There isn’t much wrong with it other than that it’s not an original story. If this was the first of its kind I’d probably give this film a 10/10 but I know where it’s going and what is going to happen. Make sure to stay during the ending credits (wink wink)

dunk-o-meter: 9/10

People Are Afraid Of Technology

Classic british humor  

Libya Seems To Have Ended Gaddafi’s Reign

Shit’s gettin’ crazy in the capital city Tripoli.¬†