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The Largest and Oldest Water Mass Found Surrounding Black Hole

Astronomers have discovered a gigantic, 12 billion year-old water vapor cloud harboring 140 trillion times more water than all of the Earth’s oceans combined. Whoa, crazy right? Yeah, anyway this cloud is surrounding a supermassive black hole called a quasar located 12 billion light-years away. This discovery proves water has existed since the forming years of the universe. 

“Because the light we are seeing left this quasar more than 12 billion years ago, we are seeing water that was present only some 1.6 billion years after the beginning of the universe,” study co-author Alberto Bolatto of the University of Maryland said in a statement. “This discovery pushes the detection of water one billion years closer to the big bang than any previous find.”

If this doesn’t blow your mind, you’re either dead or ignorant to your existence.

Is Technology Alive?

Excerpt from The Joe Rogan Experience podcast with guest Duncan Tressell