Black Swan (2010)

Beauty and terror, simply mesmerizing. A ballerina living in New York City finds herself not only fighting for the lead role in Swan Lake, but for her grip on reality. Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) is consumed with dance, she wants everything to be perfect much like her overbearing mother. Her flaw has never been her technique, but her ability to improvise and live within the moment. The lead instructor, Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel), has begun his search for the ballerina who can become the lead role in his upcoming version of Swan Lake. This role is calls for the ballerina to show two sides of not only her personality but through her dance, the White Swan and Black Swan. Nina nails the White Swan through representing innocence and grace, but her Black Swan is lacking without sexuality or guile. Nina’s main competition is Lily (Mila Kunis), the new girl in town, who tries to befriend Nina by loosening her up and trying to get her to “live a little.”

What a score. I loved this movie! Darron Aronofsky pulls together the perfect balance of sex, horror and mystic through the stylings of the classic ballet Swan Lake. If you’re not a fan of the classic arts, then you should be after this film. Aronofsky let’s the modern world know that the old symphonies are for everyone by paralleling a horror story along the ballet. Natalie Portman is awe-inspiring and commands your respect as a true actor from here on out, even the Oscars had congruent thoughts by giving her Best Actress. She’s been in stupid movies since Black Swan, but I believe she will begin picking her parts with a higher judgment and critique, or at least I hope so. I don’t understand why a lot of people are crowning Winona Rider with this brilliant performance, she’s barely in the film… I thought Nina’s mother was most frightening character of them all. Mila plays her part well although I think a no named actress should have been cast in the roll. That may or may not have been the correct choice though, because a large part of the draw initially to this film was the fact that you heard Natalie and Mila had a lesbian scene together. This film is above the lesbian scene and anyone with taste can tell you that. Aronofsky takes advantage of and perfects the more modern way to film a movie with handheld cameras. The freedom these handheld cameras gives director is insane and I absolutely love the look and feel of them. The symbolism hits you over the head and keeps knocking you down until you don’t know which way’s up. Some argue there is too much of it going on, but after my second viewing I realized it was needed and extremely well done.

Is there anything wrong? Some will call this film “weird” but c’mon people, weird is for Lynch. It’s dark and twisted and maybe some this aren’t answered but, who cares!!! Just enjoy it. This is great. Some might also complain Aronofsky doesn’t respect his audience from the amount of symbolism is shown. I tend to disagree because it was honestly the whole point and without it or it being subtle would’ve taken away from what it’s meant to be. I almost want to watch it again. Recommended to anyone and everyone.

dunk-o-meter: 9.5/10


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