Idiocracy (2006)

This is the perfect Sunday afternoon while nursing your hangover movie. Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) is your average american working for the military as a warehouse attendant, when he’s asked to participate in a top secret experiment. The experiment sounds simple enough, it’s your basic cryogenic freezing for an indefinite amount of time for later use in the future. Okay, so it’s not exactly simple, but the movie doesn’t call for any scientific questions to be answered. He is chosen as one of two participants, the other is a hooker named Rita (Maya Rudolph). The experiment is slated to last for only one year, but during the frozen year a lot changes and their bodies are left under a mound of garbage. 500 years later this mound is a mountain and they are both awoken to a population of idiots. Dumb people have procreated more than smart people and now smart people are extinct. So, this once average american, Joe Bauers, is now the smartest man in the world.

This movie has the potential of becoming truth! Dumb people are very much so out populating the smart and creative. Back to the movie… Every one of the actors, outside Maya Rudolph, play the exact same role they’ve played in every other film. Luke Wilson is the guy who’s normal and not so sure about himself, Dax Shepard plays the stupid awkward guy, and Terry Crews plays the high-energy, roided freak. They play the characters well, which is why they still have jobs in Hollywood. I like Terry Crews as the president the best. Whenever someone disagrees with him he just pulls out a machine gun a shoots it in the air. The premise of the movie is a good one and the delivery is well thought out and executed. The stupidity of the world in 2505 is overdone which is the point Mike Judge was trying to convey.

This won’t blow you away or have you laughing out loud, but you won’t want to turn it off, unless maybe you had something else to do… I’d recommend this film to people that are hungover on a lazy Sunday.

dunk-o-meter: 6.5/10


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