Blade Runner: Director’s Cut (1992)

I 100% like this movie. The year is 2019 and Los Angeles looks a whole lot like present day Tokyo with lots of neon and advertisements trying to grab your attention like a 3 year old who wants a cookie. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a former Blade Runner who is sent back to the job when a team of Replicants come back to Earth for revenge and answers. Now you’re probably asking “what the hell is a Blade Runner or Replicant?” The Blade Runners are the police force in charge of terminating replicants. Replicants are human clones designed to live and serve in colonies outside of Earth. These human clones must be terminated because they were declared dangerous when six of them hijacked a ship back to Earth and killed everyone on board.

Blade Runner has an incredible vision of what a bleak future would look like and does it in a stylistic way. Ridley Scott out performs himself and puts together another grand futuristic story together. The opening sequence sets the scene for the entire movie. Overlooking the city in doubt with an eye looking over in awe signifying that someone is always watching. A major theme throughout the film is asking yourself what it means to be human. Do you know? I don’t. It’s a great question to ask and Blade Runner does a great job of it. The replicants believe they are humans just as much as you believe you are a human which leads to the reason why the replicants came back to Earth, for answers.

Many people on message boards argue if this is a masterpiece or not. The main point many “masterpiece” viewers say is that you have to have multiple viewings to get a grasp of it’s grandiose style and complex story. I’m not a fan of any movie that I have to watch more than once to like. If I don’t like it after the first watch through (assuming I was paying attention) then it’s probably going to bore me the same the second time through. Unlike a movie like The Matrix or Inception where I left asking myself “whaaaaa??” yet HAD to go back and witness the magnificence once again. This is NOT a bad movie. I just wouldn’t consider it a masterpiece, but I know many film teachers would show this in class because it has heavy themes as well as extremely subtle hints as to what is happening.

Half way through the movie I found myself wondering if it was building to anything because it seemed as though the characters were just walking around completing random tasks with real no purpose at hand. The film comes together in a beautiful way with many memorable scenes (like a very awkward “sex” scene). I would recommend this movie to anyone because this is the type of movie that some people will watch and enjoy immensely. To each his own.

dunk-o-meter: 7.5/10


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