The Running Man (1987)

I need to stop believing my friends opinions of movies they haven’t seen since they were 12. It’s the year 2017 (only a few years from now!) and the world’s economy has collapsed. The government has taken over the world and there’s only a few select shows shown on TV, one of them being The Running Man. The Running Man is based loosely off what would happen in the Roman Coliseum. A convict is picked and placed into an arena where he has to out run a series of Stalkers who chase him down and try to kill him. The leader of this program is a man named Daman Killian who is constantly trying to find new “gladiators” to throw into the mix and Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has recently become a top priority to be the next Running Man. Richards is wrongly accused of killing innocent people, is put in jail and then later breaks out only to get caught yet again. During this jailbreak, Damon notices the prowess of Richards skills and selects him to be the next contestant on his show. Richards is fighting for whats right and wants justice to be served to those that deserve it.

For something set in 2017, it sure does look ALOT like the 80s. Everything from the hair, the futuristic clothing, as well as technology is just so 80s, and rightfully so. This movie has it’s typical Arnold moments; a few witty one liners thrown in here or there, cut off shirts, an attractive love interest, and good action sequences. You don’t get to see Arnold run much in any other movie and I gotta say, he’s not the most eloquent runner. He’s like a gorilla running to a boat filled with bananas. I bet set designers LOVED when they made movies like this, without any CGI, because they actually had work to do! This movie was either right before or decided to go against too many bad visual effects and went for the real thing which is what makes action movies of this time period amazing. Everything seemed real because it was and the actors are actually interacting within a set instead of in front of a green screen. There were a few bad things to tag on The Running Man… I didn’t really like the story and I also wasn’t impressed in the villains. The stalkers were lame. All of them. One was a 300 pound hockey player who could barely skate. The fact that you’re supposed to think Arnold would be scared of these stalkers is preposterous. The hot girl (who is quite sexy) is TERRIBLE at acting. The one thing I’d put the downfall of this movie on was the villains. All the great Arnold movies have perfect villains, this one is clearly lacking one.

I recommend this movie to any Arnold fan, other than that, I think you can pass on it.

dunk-o-meter: 6.5/10


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