Love & Other Drugs

Worth seeing? Sure, why not? The movie takes place in 1996 (Unfortunately they don´t talk ONCE about how Jordan and the Bulls were dominating the NBA. they ended up with a 69-13 record that year).   Jake Gyllenhaal ¨puts out¨ a good performance about a guy in search of success while getting with some extremely attractive women in the process.  One of those attractive women is Maggie, played by Anne Hathaway, who has an early stage of Parkinson´s.  They have a ton of sex, he falls for her, but she doesn´t want anything permanent because of her condition and previous experiences with men.  As soon as they get close to being in a relationship she goes with her ¨I can´t do this¨ phrase.  I think she might actually say that like 10 times in the movie.  Aside from the back and forth love story, Jamie (Gyllenhaal), is making moves in the fast paced pharmaceutical drug world.  We find out why doctors sell certain drugs and why women really do rule the world.   The main drug that brings success to Jamie is Viagra.  The same way he sells himself to wormen to get sex (without money), he sells Viagra easily to doctors and makes it to the big leagues.  There´s some funny situations that come up in the pharmacy world, but the relationship is serious and the Parkinson´s is serious.  I kept thinking about how fortunate it is not to have it and how people out there have to struggle with simple activities…

Let´s play with the title a little bit: Is love a drug? You can be addicted to herion, sugar, and sex, but can you be addicted to love? It seems like such a pure emotion like happiness or hunger but has more drug-like qualities. It can  change your perception of the world and your physical and mental states. Like other drugs too Love has it´s ups and downs.  It´s great when you´re high on it, but when you get off you could crash really hard.  Love might do these things, but the movie doesn´t make it that far.  L & O D would be nice for a rainy Thursday night, or to sit down and watch with a girl that you´re trying to get with.  Gyllenhaal rocks pretty hard though, and after seeing this I´m excited to see Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the next batman.


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