The Baxter (2005)

Yyyyyyyeah, okay, not too shabby. Elliot Sherman (Michael Showalter) is your typical nice guy. Graduated from an elite college, wears nice clothes, constantly polite, good grooming habits, all the good stuff that girls say they like. But, Elliot has a way of losing the girls he dates at key moments of the relationship by not capitalizing on a move while another guy takes his spot. Elliot is what he calls, a Baxter. The good guy that loses the girl to an old boyfriend or the new hot guy in town. It starts at his wedding where he loses his wife (Elizabeth Banks) to an old boyfriend (Justin Theroux) who never lost his love for her… Damn. The story goes about telling you how he got in said situation and what he does after she leaves him. Along the way, Elliot meets a cute woman (Michelle Williams) who happens to also be having her own relationship troubles.

The Baxter isn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be from Michael Showalter. Everything I’ve seen leading up to this movie was telling me that I was about to witness an over the top stupid, yet absolutely hilarious, film that would end with throughly satisfied. What I got was the same character Michael plays in everything else, extremely polite, yet utterly clueless man, who has a heartfelt relationship with funny, not hilarious, moments spread across the entire film. It was weird. Once I figured out this wasn’t going to be another Wet Hot American Summer I settled in and enjoyed the characters and story. The cast is great! Paul Rudd, David Wain, and Michael Ian Black along with many others make cameos you wish lasted longer.

I liked this movie, didn’t love it. Never really laughed out loud too often, but maybe I was handicapped because I thought I was going to be laughing the entire time… Oh well, expectations are sometimes the worst things in the world. This film has a cult following and many find it among their favorites (not me).

dunk-o-meter: 6.5/10


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