Easy A (2010)

So, so, so bad. Olive (Emma Stone) is a girl. She’s a girl in high school. She’s a girl in high school that has a made up a rumor about her. So, this rumor spreads and it’s about her having sex with a college boy. I’m literally boring myself to death writing this. Let’s get to what is good. I don’t know. I guess Emma Stone is good looking and shows a little bit of skin throughout the film… And is funny sometimes. I like how this movie makes fun of Catholics constantly by mocking their song choices and all their other shenanigans. Olive’s parents are pretty funny and I wish they were the main characters instead of the pithy teens. The funniest part of the movie is when Emma pushes the Quizno’s guy (literally 1 second of 92 minutes). Let’s get to what’s bad.

The acting is terrible. There is no story. It takes such a weird turn toward the end. I wish I had more to say, but this movie is so terrible. Oh, it doesn’t exactly show the best of morals that other teen movies try to strive for. Easy A teaches teens that lying about sex and not taking responsibility for their actions is okay. It also drags on. For an hour and a half movie it seems to never end and when it does it, it pisses you off!

dunk-o-meter: 4/10


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One Response to Easy A (2010)

  1. misspiano says:

    you have a point! unfortunate movie for teens

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