How To Escape From A Bear

1. Be quite and do not move around
-Many documented attacks by mother black bears have ended when the person stops fighting.
2. Do not try to run away or climb a tree
-Black bears can climb trees quickly and easily and will most likely follow you up there.
3. If the previous steps fail, fight back
-Try to hit the bears eyes or snout.

What To Do If You See A Bear
-Make your presence known by talking loudly, clapping, singing or occasionally calling out. (Some people prefer to wear bells.) Whatever you do, be heard – it does not pay to surprise a bear. Remember bears can run much faster than humans.
-Keep children close at hand and within sight.
-There is no safe distance from a bear: the farther, the better.
-If you are in a car, do not leave the vehicle. Not even for a quick photo. Keep your windows up and do not impede the bear from crossing the road.

How To Avoid An Attack
-Reduce or eliminate food odors from yourself, your camp, your clothes and your vehicle.
-Do not sleep in the same clothes you cooked in.
-Store food in a place where a bear cannot smell or reach.
-Do not keep any food in your tent. No exceptions.
-Properly store and bring out all garbage.
-While all bears should be considered dangerous and avoided, three types should be regarded as more dangerous than the average bear:
-Females defending cubs
-Bear habituated to human food.
-Bears defending a fresh kill.

Be Aware
-Bears can run as fast as horses, uphill or downhill.
-Bears can climb trees, although black bears are better than grizzly bears.
-Bears have an excellent sense of smell and hearing.
-Bears are extremely strong. They can take apart a car looking for food.
-Bears aggressively defend their food.
-An aggressive reaction to any threat to a female grizzly’s cubs is a natural defense.
-All female black bear’s natural defense is to chase her cubs up a tree and defend from there.
-It is best to not hike with a dog, dogs can antagonize a bear and cause an attack. An unleashed dog may even bring a bear back to you.

There are about 650,000 black bears in North America, and only one person every three years is killed by a bear- although there are hundreds of thousands of encounters. Most bears in the continental U.S. are black bears, but black bears are not always black in color: sometimes their fur is brown or blond. Males are generally bigger than females (125 to 500 pounds for males, 90-300 pounds for females).

Source: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook


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