Somewhere (2010)

I mean, I get what Sofia Coppola is going for here, but even Seinfeld is about something… Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff) is an actor known around the world who is just going through the motions until his daughter (Elle Fanning) is dropped in his lap when his ex-wife leaves the country. His daughter, Cleo, shows Johnny what matters most in life, which leads him to realize how he’s been living and wants to change for the better.

From the beginning you are put into Johnny’s emotions with a long, long scene watching a car go around a race track. I get it, he’s all alone and his boring, yet ultra rich, life can be monotonous at times, but after the first hour of showing the viewer how bored he is, the film should really start to be about something. This is an extremely personal movie for Sofia in my opinion because I’m sure it’s something she went through as a child, being the daughter of a famous director. But, there is something missing, it’s charm dies quite quickly unlike in her other films. I get the feeling this should have been a short. It would make watching it doable and probably a whole lot more enjoyable. Much like her other films the cinematography is great, the mood is set by the music, and she gives the rest through subtle movements by the actors. I know Sofia is heavy with metaphors, yet Somewhere either has too many or they are too subtle for the average viewer to pick up. I think that is the reason this film won’t click like Lost in Translation did.

I went into this knowing that it would be boring, but I didn’t think it would literally not have anything to it. It was halfway enjoyable because Sofia Coppola is a great director, but I found myself at times not even paying attention… Maybe that’s the art of this movie, she makes you bored just like Johnny and you find out what you would do or think about if you had all this time on your hands… Maybe… I would only recommend this to the person who is extremely into movies because I feel they, much like me, won’t be freaking out that nothing is happening an hour into the film.

dunk-o-meter: 6.5/10


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