Strange Wilderness (2008)

I went into this movie with extremely low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. Peter (Steve Zahn) has inherited his father’s TV show Strange Wilderness and is faced with the show being cancelled because of his shortcomings as the show’s host. Peter groups a ragtag group of stoners, plus one hottie, to reclaim the shows once high ratings by documenting the mystery we know as Big Foot. Everyone is an idiot and smokes too much weed, which is the equation for a slapstick comedy with no plot.

Sometimes going into a movie with low expectations is the best mindset to have. Especially if it is halfway rewarding, which is exactly what Strange Wilderness was. How can I sum this up? It has its moments of extreme hilarity and absurdity to go along with the random plot devices to move the story along. The funniest parts are the voiceover work done by Zahn to 1970s footage of animals in the wild. The quotes he comes up with are so ridiculous and I loved all of them. There is a weird scene with a turkey, which should go unmentioned but there are so many things wrong with it I wish they left it out. I think it was a fairly well put together improvisation by the director and cast. The reason I say that is because I have a feeling most of the lines that made the film were ad-libbed, which shows the true mark of a comedy. Oh, did I mention that this could be one of the worst endings to a movie ever? I’m pretty sure the writers got to end and were wondering how they could wrap it all up so it could come close to 90 minutes (which they fell short of). Justin Long is hilarious. Jonah Hill has some weird British accent or something and is not funny at all.

This movie was recommended to me by a friend who I share general similarities in comedies. But, recommending this film to a random person could have a backlash.

dunk-o-meter: 7/10


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