127 Hours (2010)

Aron Ralston (James Franco) is a hiker who set out on an adventure without telling anyone where he was going. This proved to be an almost fatal mistake after tumbling down a crevice with a boulder which pinned his arm against the rock-wall surface. The movie follows Aron’s thoughts to himself over a 127 hour period. The film is based off of a the real-life experience.

Everyone knows what happens, right?

To tell you the truth, it’s not as gruesome as a Saw movie. It’s on par with the scene from Pi where the guy touches the brain in the subway… Odd reference? How about when, in 28 Weeks Later, the crazed father gouges out his wife’s eyes… It’s definitely gross, but you’re set up so well to the point where you’d see why he’d do it.

This is not Danny Boyle’s best movie, although it is very, very well done. I really liked it. Superb editing really puts you in the crazed world of being trapped with little food or water. Everything you see happen in the film is based off of the book by the real Aron Ralston depicting his experience in the crevice. Aron is quoted saying “the movie is so factually accurate it is as close to a documentary as you can get and still be a drama.” I recommend this movie to anyone!

dunk-o-meter: 8/10

127 Hours : A Phelan Review

No wasteful backstory. No long introduction.  As soon as the movie starts you’re on the move with the main character Aron Ralston portrayed by James Franco. This movie moves extremely fast even though most of it is about being stuck in a canyon with Aron talking to himself with his video camera.  There are flashbacks to old memories of family and loved ones takes you away from the situation from time to time. And then when it gets brought back you see him really trying to figure out the situation he is in.

One of the best parts of this movie is that even though he gets into an extremely stupid situation, after he realizes what has happened he deals with everything very intelligently. It’s not one of those movies where you’re constantly telling yourself how he shouldn’t be doing this or that.  The fact of the matter is that this is based on a true story.  A dude actually did cut his arm off with a pretty crappy pocket knife and lived so that we could all get that ‘chills up your spine’ cringe feeling when we go to the theater and watch it happen.  I thoroughly enjoyed catching this movie when I did.  If you are an adventurer and like going out into the wilderness this movie is for you.  You will enjoy the beauty of canyons by Moab, Utah and see a guy really put his survival instincts to the test.

I think with every really great movie it is a must to see it in a quality theater.  This may or may not be a great movie, but with the context and the intensity of the situation I highly recommend seeing it (if not possible in a theater) in a no distraction, dark room.  Oh, also make sure that you have something to drink! Watching Aron suffer for 5 days with only 1 bottle of water is crazy. This movie will make you thirsty.

PS: Not saying that this review isn’t awesome, but for you IMDB lovers out there, 127 Hours received an 8.0.  Hope you enjoy it too!


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