The Town (2010)

Heat 2.0. The thing is, it’s one of those updates where you’re like, “Wait, I wanna go back to the original!” Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) lives in Charlestown, a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts where armed robberies are as common as walks in the park. Doug is in the business of robbing banks along side is buddy James Coughlin (Jeremy Renner) and business is ah-boomin’. During a heist a bank manager named Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall) rings the silent alarm, which leads to a action packed getaway. Right before they leave Claire catches a look at a tattoo of one of the robbers and now has an identifiable mark to pin on someone. This tattoo owns to one James Coughlin and here’s where it gets a little dicey. Doug is told to tail Claire because she is being interrogated by the FBI and they want to make sure she doesn’t know anything about them. Of course, they meet, fall in love and the tattoo secret gets out! Oh no! From there Claire doesn’t know who she can trust and for some reason they continue to rob people.

The problem with this movie is it has that typical Boston, cocky airiness to it. I don’t understand where it comes from, they seem to think they are better and it comes through in every scene. Everyone has the ability to kill on a whim and no one is able to relax. I guess the Boston Police as well as the FBI don’t have helicopters… Now, I know what you’re going to say, “it’s a movie!!!” YEAH, well helicopters for the police during one of the craziest car chases ever isn’t too tough to comprehend. The romance is typical of a bank heist movie, which means it’s ridiculous. The movie is edited together horribly, there are many continuity errors that are blatantly obvious. The action is great though. If the action wasn’t what it was this movie would be unwatchable. If this movie was cut in half so it would have a better pace, it would be a great movie. I found myself bored at times and not caring about what Blake Lively had to say. Shout out to Jon Hamm! He is the shit and I hope he continues making movies.

This movie will be forgotten. Another tumbleweed in the desert of prototypical action movies. Recommended if it’s on TV.

dunk-o-meter: 6/10 


Dr. J Classic Dunk

The dunk is great, but the best part are seconds 7-10.  I hope that dude´s still out there rocking that beard and going to games
Dunk-o-meter: 8
Beard-o-meter: 9.2

The Baxter (2005)

Yyyyyyyeah, okay, not too shabby. Elliot Sherman (Michael Showalter) is your typical nice guy. Graduated from an elite college, wears nice clothes, constantly polite, good grooming habits, all the good stuff that girls say they like. But, Elliot has a way of losing the girls he dates at key moments of the relationship by not capitalizing on a move while another guy takes his spot. Elliot is what he calls, a Baxter. The good guy that loses the girl to an old boyfriend or the new hot guy in town. It starts at his wedding where he loses his wife (Elizabeth Banks) to an old boyfriend (Justin Theroux) who never lost his love for her… Damn. The story goes about telling you how he got in said situation and what he does after she leaves him. Along the way, Elliot meets a cute woman (Michelle Williams) who happens to also be having her own relationship troubles.

The Baxter isn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be from Michael Showalter. Everything I’ve seen leading up to this movie was telling me that I was about to witness an over the top stupid, yet absolutely hilarious, film that would end with throughly satisfied. What I got was the same character Michael plays in everything else, extremely polite, yet utterly clueless man, who has a heartfelt relationship with funny, not hilarious, moments spread across the entire film. It was weird. Once I figured out this wasn’t going to be another Wet Hot American Summer I settled in and enjoyed the characters and story. The cast is great! Paul Rudd, David Wain, and Michael Ian Black along with many others make cameos you wish lasted longer.

I liked this movie, didn’t love it. Never really laughed out loud too often, but maybe I was handicapped because I thought I was going to be laughing the entire time… Oh well, expectations are sometimes the worst things in the world. This film has a cult following and many find it among their favorites (not me).

dunk-o-meter: 6.5/10

Easy A (2010)

So, so, so bad. Olive (Emma Stone) is a girl. She’s a girl in high school. She’s a girl in high school that has a made up a rumor about her. So, this rumor spreads and it’s about her having sex with a college boy. I’m literally boring myself to death writing this. Let’s get to what is good. I don’t know. I guess Emma Stone is good looking and shows a little bit of skin throughout the film… And is funny sometimes. I like how this movie makes fun of Catholics constantly by mocking their song choices and all their other shenanigans. Olive’s parents are pretty funny and I wish they were the main characters instead of the pithy teens. The funniest part of the movie is when Emma pushes the Quizno’s guy (literally 1 second of 92 minutes). Let’s get to what’s bad.

The acting is terrible. There is no story. It takes such a weird turn toward the end. I wish I had more to say, but this movie is so terrible. Oh, it doesn’t exactly show the best of morals that other teen movies try to strive for. Easy A teaches teens that lying about sex and not taking responsibility for their actions is okay. It also drags on. For an hour and a half movie it seems to never end and when it does it, it pisses you off!

dunk-o-meter: 4/10

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