Whip It (2009)

Bliss Cavendar’s (Ellen Page) mother believes she can win beauty pageants, but Bliss has a different idea. She’s more into the alternative scene, however one would define that. Her choice alternative scene is of the punk-rock type. When buying boots, she is witness to the girls of roller derby and falls in love. One thing leads to another and she tryouts and makes the team. From there we follow Bliss in the ups and downs of the league, while she tries to figure out her niche in life.

Whip It is hilarious at times and at other times it just like every other sports movie in the world. Jimmy Fallon plays the roller derby announcer and is probably the one consistently funny person throughout. Towards the end their is that one heartfelt scene, which is very well put together by first time director Drew Barrymore, that makes up for the cliche parts before it. The roller derby parts would be unbearable if it weren’t for Fallon. Ellen Page is extremely likable as well as her nemesis, Juliette Lewis. I’m convinced if the film has entertaining ending credits it will sit a whole lot better than the boring rolling credits, and Whip It’s ending credits are awesome!

I liked it, didn’t love it. This is the type of movie that will be overlooked because it’s not the best movie of any of the actresses in it. I’d recommend this movie if you’re doing nothing on a Sunday and aren’t looking for anything too serious.

dunk-o-meter: 7/10


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