What is a Lifestraw?

Everyday most of us walk into our kitchen and fill up a glass of water from the tap. We walk down the street to a gas station and buy a bottle of water. Something most of us probably take for granted is clean drinking water. Water is the source of life and many people throughout the world die from drinking bacteria filled water. According to the UN, 6,000 people a day die from drinking contaminated water. This staggering statistic led many groups to try and create a product that could effectively filter water and make is safe. In 2005, a Swiss corporation, Vestergaard Frandsen, developed what we now call Lifestraw. Lifestraw is a 10 inch tube that works just like a normal straw. The user will put it in the water and suck the water into their mouth. The reason why Lifestraws are so safe to use is because of their simple yet effective filtration system.

First, the water will pass through a 100 micron thick mesh that will weed out any large particles. Then, a polyester filter with holes one tenth the diameter of a single strand of hair, or 15 microns wide, filters out almost all bacteria. Most bacterias are larger than 15 microns so they get caught at the polyester stage. After that, the water passes through iodine-coated resin beads, which kills parasites, viruses, and the smallest of bacterias. The last stage is a carbon filter that takes the iodine taste from the water as well as kills the last pathogens to have gotten through. This process adequately catches 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present in the water.

The personal Lifestraw lasts for 1 year and allows the user to drink one quart in 8 minutes. The Family Lifestraw, which is bigger and more effective, lasts for 3 years. The reason it is more effective is because it has an extra filter that cleans the water of heavy metals such as arsenic and fluoride that the personal Lifestraw can’t.

Lifestraw is a great start to solve the problem of world thirst, but it is not the solution.


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