How A Nuclear Meltdown Works

Are you wondering what the hell’s going on with the nuclear power plant in Japan? Are you really? I’ve linked a podcast to how a nuclear meltdown works and what is happening in Japan as a result. There are tons of worthwhile facts about nuclear power plants I had no idea about (like it’s creating power from steam… and that’s it!) as well as information on why the plant in Japan is having a possible meltdown. I truly hope you are interested in this because there are ~15 nuclear power plants in Illinois alone and I think we should all be informed. It would be nice to talk about this with others!!! (hey guys, you can sound all sorts of smart with the ladies as well as on top of current events!) If you click now, SAVE 15%!!!

Grand Central Station’s granite and the uranium laced stone of the US Capitol Building, give off enough radiation that they would not pass a nuclear power plant’s licensing test.


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