Being There (1979)

Being There is a well directed dark-comedy about a simple-minded man named Chance (Peter Sellers). After an unforeseen circumstance, Chance has to leave his house with only the knowledge he has learned from television. Slowly but surely you figure out that Chance has never left his home before and is completely naive to the outside world. Chance is picked up by an influential businessman who has taken to Chance and gives advice based on what Chance has to say, which isn’t much.

This film starts off somewhat slow. But, the more you find out about Chance and how utterly incompetent he is, the more you fall in love with him. His love for television continually gets him into trouble and leads to some great scenes with all characters involved. The further into the story the more you understand what Hal Ashby (director) is trying to convey. Call this film a satire, dark-comedy, or just a simple story, whatever the label I’m sure you’ll love it. The ending is brilliant and leaves you asking the question who the joke is really on.

dunk-o-meter: 8/10


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